There are many different things associated with the Christmas season but one of the most popular themes for a Winter party is a Ski-Lodge theme. Whether you have been skiing or not, you most likely have heard about the term Après-Ski and you can’t deny how unbelievably fun, cosy and Christmassy it feels. 

Now if the reality of spending Christmas in the French or Swiss Alps isn’t exactly feasible this year, why not bring this fabulous scenery and atmosphere to you?

Here are a few ideas on how to decorate your venue to fit in with this very desirable Winter theme.

Wooden Bar

When hosting a Christmas party, it is very likely that your guests will be planning on getting slightly merry, so you need somewhere for the drinks to be served. Wooden bars are a great way to stick with the Ski-Lodge theme and are great because they can be as worn and used as you like – in fact, the more used the better! Upgrade this by having fake or real log ends attached to the front of the bar for that ‘au-naturale’ feel.

Pallet Furniture

An increasingly popular trend for 2017 is Pallet furniture and with how cost effective and easy it is to put together, we’re not surprised! Pallet furniture is also very popular because of how versatile it is, you can literally use it to create any kind of furniture; tables, seating, shelving or bars. All you need to do after is jazz it up a little bit for your event. Add a table runner to the tables, cushions and blankets to the seating and decorations such as lanterns or lights to the shelving and bars and it will look as though you have spent a lot more on it than you have!

Wintery Backdrop

Want to really bring the ‘wow-factor’ to your Winter Event? Well a wintery backdrop will do just that! Whether you want to use the backdrop for photographs or just to pose as a view from the window of your ‘ski-lodge’, this will take your theme to the next level and will make it seem even more realistic. Think snowy mountains, snow topped trees and other rustic lodges and your guests will feel like they truly are in a Winter Wonderland.


Now you need to make sure that your venue of choice has adequate lighting for your event but have you thought about decorative lighting? Another popular trend for events this year is festoon lighting, which we are equally as obsessed with! These are lights are so simple but create such an impact; on their own or accompanied with bunting or lanterns. Depending on your budget, you can either go all out with these lights and have a ‘festoon canopy’ on the ceiling, or just have a couple metres worth, draped around pillars or around your bar structure. Decorative lighting is so simple but will make all the difference to the ambience of the venue.

Cosy Additions

There’s no denying the cosiness of a ski-lodge – real or fake. So why not enhance this with some cosy additions? Have faux fur rugs and blankets for guests to use dotted around the venue for the Ski-Lodge feel and to also keep some of the warmth in! Another cosy addition could be a real or fake fireplace? With how cold it is outside, a fireplace will bring pleasure to all guests, just make sure that your venue of choice allows for this.

Ski Equipment

Finally, the simplest idea for decorating a ‘Ski-Lodge’, is using actual ski equipment – the more vintage, the better (in our opinion). A couple of ideas could be rustic skis used for signs to different parts of the venue or as a coat rack, vintage ski shoes dotted around the venue or a rustic sledge accompanied with some tonto lanterns on top. Dig deep in yours or a family members attic to find this equipment and anything else slightly vintage you can find – lanterns, old posters, apple crates; anything to give your venue that homely, cosy feel. The limits really are endless!

Have we inspired you enough to host your very own Après Ski party? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require any furniture for hire or if you need help planning/organising your event and we will be more than happy to assist or point you in the right direction!