Christmas Party IdeasThe imminent fear of the Office Christmas Party is forever fast approaching. Being held responsible for planning the staff Christmas Party can be very daunting and something that you constantly push back to ‘tomorrow’s jobs’, well what if I told you, the planning of the office Christmas Party can actually be fun?

If you’ve been part of a company for many years now, you have probably seen your fair share of parties. This year, why not come out of your comfort zone and with our advice and ideas arrange a unique Christmas Party for your team?

Themed Nights

Planning a party with a theme can actually be a lot easier than planning a generic party, as having a certain theme usually means you know the style of things that you need to look for and source. There are so many ideas that you can incorporate Christmas into, here are a couple of our favourite themes for you to get your teeth stuck into;

  • Charlie and the Chocolate Factory – this is such a good idea for all you sweet tooth lovers out there and let’s be honest, who doesn’t lovesweets? Decorate your office with all things sugar related; go all out with red and white candy coloured stripes, giant candy canes or peppermint lollipops, gingerbread men and houses and bowls of your favourite childhood sweets and chocolates. You could even have a DIY cupcake creating section for your team to really get involved.
  • Winter Wonderland – Everyone dreams about that magical White Christmas that we’re very unlikely going to get… well, not unless you create it yourself! Bring the magical wintery feeling to your party space by using white draping fairy lights, snow-effect Christmas trees and possibly even an ice sculpture. If you have an outside space, why not create that desired White Christmas by hiring a Snow Machine? This theme is a definite for getting your team into the Christmas Spirit.
  • Murder Mystery – Although one would argue it’s not very Christmassy, a murder mystery is one of our personal favourites and we can guarantee it’ll be nothing that your team has seen before. There are plenty of downloadable scripts online which provides all the characters, clues and instructions for the host to follow. Alternatively, if you are less worried about a budget, there are many venues in and around Bristol that host murder mystery nights which are sure to be unique and memorable!

Christmas Themed Games

This is a perfect, intimate way for team members to really let loose and let their competitive personalities shine through. There are so many games available, that cost hardly anything and will keep your team members entertained throughout the evening. Here are a few examples of our favourites;

  • Christmas Movie Trivia
  • Name That Christmas Song/Carol
  • Christmas Pictionary
  • Pin The Red Nose On Rudolph
  • Christmas Pub Quiz
  • Old-School Games Competition (Jenga, Connect 4, Dominos)

Host this in the comforts of your office and go all out with good old tacky decorations, buffet food and drinks or if you really want to make a night of it, why not arrange for a bar and cocktail mixologist to serve ice-cold cocktails. This is a perfect time for your team members to get to know each other without the hierarchy that may be present during working hours.

Fancy Dress

Ever been gifted with those Christmas Jumpers with the felt Santa’s, reindeers and baubles?. Of course you have! Now is the time to delve into the depths of your wardrobe and arrange an ‘Ugly Christmas Jumper’ themed party for your team, why not have a competition for the ugliest? Or have a fancy dress themed party from your favourite Christmas Movie; the Grinch for example (which is a firm fave!). Maybe you’re hiring a more luxurious party space and would prefer a more formal fancy dress such as masquerade theme? Whatever you decide, your Office Christmas Party is a time for you to let loose and be whoever you want to be for one night only.

Celebrate In The New Year

Now although the Christmas Season is known as the ‘Party Season’, it’s also very likely the busiest season for your company. Whether you’re in Events hosting Christmas parties yourself or you’re in Hospitality looking after the people who come to eat and stay over the Christmas duration, it could be a massive stress to fit in a day in December for all your staff to be absent from the ‘office’. Well, who said Christmas parties were strictly for December? A popular option for many companies at the moment is to wait until the Christmas rush is over before holding their ‘Christmas’ party as venues and restaurants are likely to be a lot less busy and a lot less expensive than December nights. After all, your team deserve recognition and appreciation all throughout the year rather than just one month out of twelve, right?

Shared Christmas Parties

This is an increasingly popular option for corporate companies and are perfect for tables of 10+ who are looking for that glitz and glamour without having to arrange anything themselves. It doesn’t matter if you are a smaller company and don’t have the budget to book out a whole venue for the night, shared Christmas parties are actually perfect for this reason! Book a table or two for your team and share the night with other local companies who likewise want that big party atmosphere.

Whether you choose to celebrate in a grand hotel or a stunning local venue, Shared Christmas Parties truly do have everything you need under one roof for your team members to celebrate in style. With the chance to party in unique and luxurious venues with elaborate entertainment and theming at a very affordable price, it’s no wonder that these shared nights sell out annually.

Believe Christmas Parties’ aim is to bring the magic to everyone attending. Set in the spectacular gardens of Grade 1 listed Kings Weston House, from a seasonal three course dinner and astounding entertainment to elegant theming, you really will be provided with everything you need to truly get you in the spirit of Christmas. With a magical Winter Wonderland theme sweeping throughout, if you didn’t believe in Christmas before, we’re certain you will by the end of the night!

If you want to know more about our Shared Christmas Party nights or want some more advice on what you could do for your Office Christmas Party this year, please feel free to contact us and one of our lovely team members will be more than happy to assist.