Organised Christmas PartyAs a manager or owner of a company, the sudden rush of the Christmas Period can already be quite stressful, then it suddenly occurs to you that your staff are expecting a Christmas party or gathering and recognition for their hard work all year.

You want to treat your team to a Christmas meal but then are unsure about what to do after to keep them entertained, you also want your guests to be able to enjoy a festive drink but know how busy central bars are likely to be in the December period. Well, what if you could have all of that and more, under one roof? Whilst of course I’m sure a team meal would suffice, why not go that extra bit further for your team this year and arrange a whole night of festivities rather than just a couple of hours in a loud, busy restaurant or bar!

In this blog post, we are going to give you some reasons why an organised Christmas party package is the best choice for large corporate companies.

Everything Organised For You

Our shared Christmas Party package really does include everything. At Believe Christmas parties, there isn’t any more that you could possibly want for your night! You will be provided with a table for your party that is yours for the whole night. A three-course meal will be served to you and your guests and then cleared away, a table service from our bar will be running throughout the meal, first class entertainment will be provided, a themed backdrop with a professional photographer to capture those special memories and many more little surprises and final touches. All for a very cost effective ticketed price that you couldn’t possibly get all under one roof anywhere else!

Established Companies Working Together

Organising a Christmas party for your team means putting your faith in the right people to provide professional and high standard services and facilities for a fabulous night. Now, wouldn’t having several established and reputable companies working together to ensure that you celebrate the festive season in style put your mind at ease? Believe Christmas Parties have teamed up with several well-known local companies to provide only the finest for their guests.

A Whole Evening Of Entertainment

Finding something that will entertain your team during your Christmas night out can be the most daunting aspect. You may be worried about how expensive it would be to take the whole of your team to see a certain show, or you may worry that other people’s preferences differ from your own, or perhaps you just don’t have that much experience. Let us worry for you! We have hands on experience with many kinds of events and have organised first class entertainment that we are positive will wow every guest of ours. Accompanied with a real-life ski lodge area with a realistic winter backdrop for photos, other professionals showcasing their skills throughout the event, we can assure you, your party will not be bored.

An Affordable Alternative

As I have mentioned before the fact that everything is included for you, you’re probably expecting the ticket price to be sky-high, right? Wrong. Being in the events industry currently as a supplier for all kinds of events, means that we can supply 90% of the equipment ourselves which enables us to take pride in being able to offer our services to guests at a much more affordable price. At £60 per ticket, you will have your dinner, reception drinks, entertainment and everything else under one roof for your own, personal enjoyment. Compare this to restaurants for a large group, shows and drinks elsewhere and you’ll wonder why you haven’t booked sooner!

A Buzzing Atmosphere

Work Christmas parties are the best time for your team to socialise in a relaxed environment where spirits are high. You may find out that you have certain interests in common with certain team members or you may have friends in common that you have never realised before – either way, this is where everybody’s personalities shine through. Now imagine the high spirits from your own table and then from 19 other tables with different corporate companies letting loose at their end of year Christmas party. Engage with your team without the hierarchy you may have at work, or even engage with some of the other parties and create new friendships, we can promise you the atmosphere will be buzzing!

If we have persuaded you enough to celebrate the festive season in style with Believe Christmas Parties, please feel free to contact us for bookings, further information or anything else that we may be of further assistance for and we will be more than happy to help!